Review: The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner

Author: Khaled Hosseini

Pages: 372

Kite runner.jpg

This novel was one of those books that I always heard about, but didn’t really think about reading. One day at the library though I spotted it on the shelf and was like why not try reading it. I’m glad I did.

The Kite Runner tells the story about Amir and Hassan, two childhood friends who eventually are separated by jealousy, time, and war. The story covers many historical events that occurred in Afghanistan and they how they all changed and affected the country.


I enjoyed how the author really incorporated culture into this book. I had no idea that kite running was so popular in Afghan culture, let alone that it was even a thing. I thought that Hosseini wrote about the changing culture very well and I was able to learn quite a bit about it because of that.

Each of the characters are well-developed. I felt like I knew them personally and could easily imagine their appearances and personalities. Overall, this entire book had great imagery. The characters, setting, and pretty much everything in this book was described so well.


I did feel like some scenes were a little drawn out, especially toward the ends of the book.

One thing that I was a little disappointed about was that the novel seemed to not give as much information behind one notable character. We got a few hints and stories about their background and how they were great friends with Baba (Amir’s father), but I would have personally liked to know more, especially towards the end of the novel when this character goes missing. Although…I suppose this mysterious aspect is good in its own way.

Final Rating: 4/5 

Overall, The Kite Runner is an excellent book! If you’re looking for an engrossing summer read, definitely consider this novel.


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