14 Things I Love About Books

They grow your imagination

It’s amazing to see what characters and worlds authors come up with. At the same time, they only give us enough detail to get an idea of what they’re writing about. It’s up to us to imagine the details, smells, and sounds of everything.

They make you think 

One of the things I love most about books is that they make you think. It doesn’t matter what genre or topic it is, the book will make you think. Often, they can lead you to see a new perspective on a person, place, thing, or idea.

You can travel anywhere in the world, time travel, or visit an entirely different world 

Ah books. Where you visit Paris, the 1700s, and Narnia in a day if you choose to. They’re a free ticket to travel to any place or world your heart desires.

You see that you’re not alone in your thoughts

Sometimes you’ll come across a sentence in a book that resonates with you, or even a character that you can identify with. I think that’s one of the best things when that happens, as it shows you that you’re not alone with any thoughts you have that you might think are ridiculous or strange.

Collecting them

 I think any bibliophile can agree that collecting books is one of the best things. The wonderful satisfaction that comes from having piles of books at your disposal. It’s like having your own personal library!

They can inspire you

Books have definitely inspired me in many ways. Besides this blog, I’ve also attempted to write a novel and short stories. A book has that power to give you a sudden spark of inspiration.

They give introduce you to some creative and awesome names

Atticus, Poirot, Holden, Daisy, Sherlock, Scarlett, Holly….

You can learn new words

There are countless times when I have been introduced to new words thanks to books, “pastiche” for instance. Books can expand your vocabulary.

The creative covers

Yes, I know the “don’t judge a book by its cover” thing, but the artwork that some books have is just too good. I love the creativeness. I think a creative book cover also helps intrigue you more about the book.

The smell

Flipping through the pages and smelling the aroma of the paper and ink…

There’s one for every situation

There’s really a book for every situation and that’s what makes them so fantastic! You’re feeling ____, there’s a book for that. You’re wanting to know more about ___, there’s a book for that too. Books cover a range of situations.

They fight boredom

If you’re bored and need something to do, pick up a book. Time will fly by.

That bookstores are all so unique

Another thing I especially love about books are the bookstores. Every bookstore is unique. Many people think they’re just a stuffy space with a bunch of bookshelves, but they’re so much more than that. They each have their own unique atmosphere. I’ve been in very old bookstores that have that paper and coffee smell, and I’ve been in very modern bookstores where cats are everywhere and indie music plays in the background.

They live on forever

No matter how many years, decades, or centuries pass, a book can live on and impact generations.


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