5 Literary Destinations On My Bucket List

As a bibliophile, there are plenty of places I would love to visit that have been inspired by books, have inspired novels, or revolve around some type of literary aspect that I love.

1. Greenway Estate 

This list could pretty much just be filled with destinations that revolve around Agatha Christie, but I’ll just include one for now. What better destination to include than the Queen of Crime’s house itself!  Seeing the old photos of Christie sitting outside the estate and knowing some of her novels were inspired there is just…it’s too good. Even the way she describes herself makes you want to drop everything and go see it (well, at least for me):

“One day we saw that a house was up for sale that I had known when I was young. So we went over to Greenway, and very beautiful the house and grounds were. A white Georgian house of about 1780 or 90, with woods sweeping down to the Dart below, and a lot of fine shrubs and trees – the ideal house, a dream house.”

2. Bodleian Library

The Bodleian Library at Oxford is probably one of those cliché places to put, but what book lover wouldn’t want to see it?! It’s one of the oldest libraries in Europe, the architecture is incredible, and the books! So many books! It would make a bookworm’s heart skip a beat.

3. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre 

While I have always enjoyed parts of Shakespeare’s works (like his insults, ah those are best), I was never really into actually reading whole works of his. Lately though through my English Literature course I’ve really begun to see how brilliant he was! I can see why people still do his plays and why there are courses dedicated to learning his works. So, I’d love to see a play here, which is only a short distance from where the original Globe Theatre once was.

4. The Old Monroe County Courthouse

As a To Kill a Mockingbird fan, to see the courthouse that inspired the scene where Atticus defends Tom in the movie would be incredible. The courthouse also is home to a To Kill a Mockingbird exhibit, which includes some of the storyboard pieces from when they filmed the movie.

5. The F. Scott Fitzgerald House

Besides Agatha Christie, F. Scott Fitzgerald is also one of my favorite writers. I would very much like to see the F. Scott Fitzgerald House in Minnesota. It’s a unique little row house and where he started to write his first novel This Side of Paradise.


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