Bookshelf Tour

I’ve seen these type of posts and tags floating around, so I thought I’d attempt to answer a few of the questions asked in them and give you a tour of this coffee addicted bibliophile’s bookshelf.

How do I organize my bookshelf?

Typically I placed them in a long horizontal line to each end of the shelf, but when space has been taken up, one must find all the nooks and crannies one possibly can to fit those precious books in it. So, as you can see from the picture, they eventually get stacked on top of each other.



The largest book (pagewise) on my shelf

The largest book that currently rests on my shelf is Les Misérables with 1,232 pages.



The smallest (pagewise) book on my shelf

The smallest book would have to be The Picture of Dorian Gray with 165 pages.



The oldest book on my shelf

I actually have quite a few old books, but the oldest is The Hidden Window Mystery from the Nancy Drew series.  This is the 1956 original version of the book. I’m really surprised at the great condition it’s in, because I have some books only a few years older than this one that are falling apart.



The book that has my favorite cover

While I have two choices that could be awarded the “favorite book cover” title, I think I’ll go with this one:


Not only is it a great painting to look at, but I think it really captures the essence of Fitzgerald’s writings in the book.


A book on my shelf I still haven’t read

Unfortunately I must admit there are a few, but the one I have had the longest out of the select few that have not been read by the author of this blog is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I don’t know why, but I have not seemed to be overly eager to pick this up and read it…but now I really feel the need to go read it. 2017 will be the year this occurs! Maybe…hopefully…



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